I have come to a conclusion as of late:

We confuse conveniences as necessities, and get so caught up in those conveniences that we lack the very things that are actually necessary. We have convinced ourselves that we need whatever is within our reach, whatever is available and accessible considering where we stand in relation to said “necessity.”

According to our tainted line of thought, we need to live ‘comfortably,’ with all the latest amenities. A hot shower, an expansive array of options to choose from for dinner, and easy internet access have become the bare essentials in our society. Our cabinets must be shelved with matching dishware, the hum of a washer and dryer must be purring in the background, and our closets must be stocked with at least enough pairs of shoes to coincide with our different types of attire, in order for us to be comfortably getting by.

This is by no means an attempt to incite feelings of guilt or shame for what we have. In fact, it’s really not about material possessions at all, whether you have a scarcity or surplus. I mean to open our eyes to what is really essential, what we actually need to live the life we were intended to live.

I believe that there are many things in this world, especially in the US, that making living more comfortable and even pleasant and God enjoys blessing his children with those things. However, we too easily fall into the deception that those blessings are necessary for our survival. Naturally, if I were to ask myself if I need my cell phone, laptop, bed, and wardrobe to survive I would say no without any hesitation. But how easily would I really be willing to part with those things? In my mind, I have developed a need for them, a need that should be reserved for whatever it is that I actually thrive on as a human being and as a child of God.

So what is it that we are over-looking, that we actually genuinely need to be who we were created to be?

We need a living relationship with our Creator.

We need love.

We need purpose.

We need grace.

We need fellowship and relationship.

We need joy.

We need rest.

We need passion.

We need growth.

Jesus, forgive us for living by the standards of this world and for not allowing you to give us complete nourishment through your Word. Open our eyes to see what we truly need, and help us to thirst for it.