My life is full of forks. Forks are so definite, linear, and... pointy. We have forks in the road concerning ministry opportunities, further schooling, future career paths, starting a family, managing finances, investing in friendships, lifestyle choices, etc. I think I would very much prefer to be presented with a few spoons instead: spoons are wider and can be more of a catch-all, more can be piled on them with less risk of it toppling over, so they therefore require less decision making and sure make the art of receiving spoon-fed answers a whole lot easier.

It makes me think that God is giving us the utensils needed to start eating meat, meaning our bottle (or spoon) fed, milk drinking days are coming to an end. He is introducing the fork into our lives so we are forced to discern exactly what it is on tho plate he wants us to consume. I  can clearly take this analogy a bit too far, but really, am I ready to try some steak? 

I've been a follower of Christ for essentially 19 of my 23 years (give or take due to some minor inability to comprehend during ages 4-9ish), and I believe that should qualify me to no longer be classified as an infant believer. Yet I find I've been fairly content slurpin on my spiritual milk, without receiving the responsibility of the training and experiences I gained. At this exciting and somewhat overwhelming season of being newly married and at the brink of exploring what God has established as my life's work, it seems as though he is gently insisting I take the fork he thrusting at me so I can begin to dig into the feast he has prepared, while inviting others to join me in learning how to cute, chew and digest our meat.

Since graduating from college, it's been blatantly apparent that I've been severely dependent on the crutches of Bible classes, chapel services, Sunday mornings, and a smorgasbord of wise and caring professors, pastors and mentors for my entire spiritual growth process. This was a healthy blessing in some ways as it fostered an environment that was overflowing with Biblical knowledge, opportunity to test and develop my strengths, and encouragement to pursue God throughout my day, yet it was far to easy to let that be enough-it all looked pretty appetizing piled on my spoon. I had a minor reality heck upon graduating when I noticed the extreme lack of input in these areas after I left my little cocoon. Now it is up to me and my choice to pursue Jesus as he patiently waits to receive me. Of course he has blessed me with placing some of his most beautiful children in my life to support me and grow with me, such as my hubby, my family and dear friends. However, there is no more nourishment and growth unless I make the effort to pick up my utensils and eat--as I meet with him, worship him, serve him, learn more of him, love him.

I'm pleading for his wisdom and grace as Mike and I pick up these forks and dig in. I 'm praying he will help us determine with peace and clarity each individual he desires us to invest in, and to use our time and resources in full recognition of our life's purpose, whether that means grad school, business endeavors, or children..or all 3! I'm praying he gives us the self-discipline and courage to live and purchase ethically and in support of those who have less. I'm praying we are able to trust that he knows our limits and will not give us more than we can handle.

Matthew 22:4
 “Then he sent some more servants and said, ‘Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’